A proven way to pull the pieces together



90 Minute Meeting

This introduces the Leadership Team to the EOS Process. Getting everyone on the same page so they can decide if they want to use the System and Tools to strengthen their company.

The Focus Day™

A day to give Leadership Team the tools to clarify who is responsible for what, set priorities, improve communication, resolve issues and track critical members. The Leadership Team then uses their new tools for next 30 days to experience real improvement.

Vision Building™ Day 1

A day with the Leadership Team that starts by reviewing and sharpening the Focus Day Tools. To clarify their vision starting with Wh0 they are, what they are, What they are doing and where they are going. They leave the VB1 with a great new tool called the Vision/Traction Organizer™. The V/TO™ is a fluid, simplified 2-page, digital business plan that will help the Leadership Team run a highly effective business.

Vision Building Day 2

A day with the Leadership Team to master the Focus Day Tools and to continue the use of the V/TO to complete their vision to clarify Market Strategy, The 3- Year Picture™, The One Year Plan, and reset Quarterly Rocks.

Quarterly Sessions

A day with the Leadership Team every 90 days to evaluate performance, focus, reset Quarterly Rocks, and resolve lingering Issues.

Annual Session

Two days with the Leadership Team to work on team health, update vision, and plan for the next year and next quater.



The EOS Model provides a visual illustration of the Six Key Components™ of any business that must be strengthened to be a great business. The EOS Model helps to simplify the way you see your business and sets the context for becoming a great company.



The EOS Process puts all the pieces together, incorporating each of the EOS Tools in the right order to best strengthen each key component of your business. The EOS Process is our proven way of helping you apply the right tools at the right time to get you the results you want.