“Kent, a former Big Brother himself, just led our small Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lowcountry startup crew through EOS. On the heels of our work together, our team is infinitely more clear about who has what accountability, our common purpose and vision, and, perhaps most importantly, our core values. Our team knows what we are driving to achieve each week, each quarter, and each year. Kent’s style is relaxed, yet driving, and Kent is willing to learn your business and be in the trenches with you. If you need clarity around vision and roles, a way to structure short- and long-term accountability, and to create an organizational metronome, Kent can help you!”

Merridith Crowe
CEO of Lowcountry Big Brothers Big Sisters

“10X has provided my Property Management business with a simple set of practical tools that produced immediate results and have been adopted into our ongoing operations to ensure the continued optimization of our performance. Kent has been instrumental in initiating highly efficient weekly meetings while keeping our attention on the highest priorities for the most impact. The systems Kent and 10X brought to our team allowed us to increase our business 113% year over year, and push our revenue growth and our team to new heights. Kudos to Kent for bringing the 10X process to our team. I highly recommend it for anyone desiring to get more of what they want from their business.”

Charlotte Sherwood
Director of Property Management

“The 10X EOS Vision Building process with Kent has taken two very different companies with similar goals and given us a common way to articulate our values and message. I highly recommend this process for any company looking to optimize its team and processes and have found it particularly effective for a situation where there is a merger or acquisition.”

Greg Engle
Former CEO of API Digital and Business Development Strategist of NeoNova

“I was amazed by how smooth it was as we took apart our Leadership Team’s major functions, structured the business to focus on healthy and smart roles to achieve maximum results. Our EOS Implementer, Kent Wagner created an atmosphere that allowed all to participate freely.”

Margaret Reynolds
Director of Sales

“10X provides simple, practical tools that lead to profound results! Kent was efficient and focused to help our leadership team implement highly efficient meetings while keeping our attention on the highest priorities for the most impact in serving our customers and our team members. A huge thanks to you, Kent!”

Frank Wells
CEO/COO at HealthFirst Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Emergent Care

“I was amazed by how we stuck the landing in the end with Kent of 10X facilitating the EOS vision building session. Until that moment we did not yet feel fully part of NeoNova. Now we are truly one company with a clear vision shared by all.”

Scott Pell
CIO of AP{ Digital and VP of Network Services for NeoNova

“In a strikingly short period of time, 10X helped us to share the clarity of vision and transformational improvement in efficiency. After a mostly failed attempt at self-implementation, I approached the process with a perhaps unhealthy degree of skepticism and was astonished at how with only a few days commitment, we were able to achieve a dramatic decrease in our workload, while increasing the company’s performance significantly.”

Graham Snyder
CEO of Seal Innovations

“Our leadership team was comprised of 11 people. We had no idea how we were going to keep on track with that many people, but Kent was able to ensure this happened. We quickly began to see the successful effects of the program and how we can work together to ensure future successful growth. This has been a huge positive turning point to grow our company in the right direction.”

Susan Praver
VP of Marketing

“As a professional trainer, I tend to be hyper-critical of training programs. EOS is one of the best ongoing training/facilitation programs I’ve experienced. As a new hire, this process embedded me in every facet of the business. The ongoing Level 10 meetings keep me current, engaged and accountable. Thanks, Kent for making me better.”

Beth Holiday
VP of Sales and Development