10X is a different type of consulting firm...

To make life a little better… One business at a time… To do it with a proven process… With authenticity and effectiveness… 10X exists for this purpose…
– Kent Wagner Partner –

My life’s mission is to help others to be as successful as possible. 10X is the vehicle to fulfill that mission for business owners and entrepreneurs.
– Paul Mayer Partner –


1OX Special Ops is a different kind of consulting firm. We specialize in helping business owners and operators optimize their strategy and operations to get the most out of their business.

Each 1OX Partner has 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. We have been in your shoes, lived your life, and felt your pain. This puts us in a unique position to work with you and help you maximize your success.

We roll up our sleeves and guarantee 1OX results for your business!

Our Partners

Kent Wagner

Paul Mayer