Customized recruitment strategy for each client:

  • We go beyond the job requirements to learn about your company culture and values, and we help identify the soft skills that will find the perfect fit out of all the qualified candidates. 
  • Our unique Quick Start Process allows us to present you with the strongest candidates as quickly as possible.
  • We partner with you, as an extension of your team, to make the entire search-to-hire process as smooth as possible.

The 10X Promise: 

We are the Good People Recruiters because…

  • We are committed to wonderful two-way communication that is timely, clear, honest, friendly and professional.
  • We are engaged as an ambassador of your company and we take your reputation as seriously as we take our own. 
  • We offer fair and competitive pricing and a generous warranty.
  • We over-deliver beyond the fine print of contracts.

Kent Wagner 

Founding Partner

Paul Mayer