Recruiting Partners, Value Proposition for Clients

  • Management Tools: Organization Structure, Goal/Metric Setting, Meeting Process
  • Team Vision: Niche, Purpose, Core Values, Marketing Vision, Long-Term Target
  • Meeting Facilitation (including virtual)
  • Product/Service Market Fit
  • Take to Market and Expand Market/
  • Cash Management/Fundraising
  • Fractional CEO/COO services
  • Business Broker
  • C-Level Recruiting

10X Special Ops focuses specifically on two practice areas for your business: maximizing operational efficiencies, and developing strategies for growth. The foundation of our success and the success of our clients rest on our Operation Essentials and Strategy Essentials offerings, which provide measurable, tangible outcomes and success criteria tailored for your business’ needs, along with the facilitation and guidance to achieve them. With over 30 years of experience in building, growing, and optimizing businesses in a wide variety of verticals, we have the tools and the knowledge to dive in and sprint with you toward your organization’s success. Let’s get to work.

All companies want to improve their operational efficiencies, management capabilities and practices to maximize performance, but they often lack the tools and processes to do so. 10X Special Ops can help.

We help companies implement proven systems and processes that, simply put, help them operate better. Once in place, these systems provide a sustainable operating framework that keeps the organization on track to optimize its resources and people.

Our Operation Essentials process is a simple yet powerful framework for defining what’s important, who owns it, and what success looks like. Every member of your team will have a common vision, clear and defined goals/milestones, and clear accountability. Your company will have powerful yet easy-to-manage systems and processes under which to operate that will give you consistently better results.

Everything begins with Strategy, but Strategy is hard to get right. As Bain and Company put it, “There are few bad businesses but many bad strategies.” While this is unfortunate, it’s not surprising. Leaders usually know where their organization is and where they want it to go, but setting a great strategy is often elusive when in the heat of the business. 10X can help.

We are serial entrepreneurs that have started or worked actively with dozens of companies through every stage of growth. We partner with senior leaders to overcome hurdles and to develop and implement the right strategies and corresponding plans and tactics to advance their businesses. We have strong focuses on product, go-to-market, fundraising, sales & marketing, and growth strategy skill sets.

Our Strategy Essentials process is a simple yet powerful method for getting to the right overall strategy, plan and tactics for your company and to align the overall strategy with strategy and tactics of all the functions in your business.

We are excited to partner with you to accelerate your business through the implementation of a world-class strategy and plan. These are the links to the Strategy Essential offerings:

  • Strategy Essentials-Deep Dive: 30 day full discovery, war-gaming, and battle plan.
  • Strategy Essentials-Sounding Board: Ongoing virtual support.

Most organizations, from start-ups to established large enterprises, face the same problem of simply not having enough time or resources to accomplish their goals in a time period they would like. 10X Special Ops can help alleviate some of these bottlenecks and headaches by offering our experience and expertise when and how you need them. Our partners have decades of experience in operating businesses and have experience in most functional roles. In addition to helping with your strategy and operational planning, many of our clients ask us to help augment their team in various roles including Operations, Business Development, Sales, Recruiting, and Product Management. We also partner with a number of exceptional service providers that we can bring to bear to help.

If you need additional horse power, let’s talk!